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Developer Obtains Rezoning to Build
Shopping Center & Offices in Boston Heights

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Updated:15 July 2005

At the July 2005 Council meeting "Boston Crossings Ltd.", a development arm of Omni Realty, obtained the major rezoning they had requested, to allow a 50+ acres shopping center in Boston Heights. The zoning changes from Office/Professional to General Business in the area north of Boston Mills Road along the Turnpike, and east of Route 8 to the western border of the City of Hudson. The company proposes to build a 400,000 square foot shopping center, apparently similar to the Promenade project that was rejected by Hudson voters in 2004.

A strip of about 25 acres directly along Boston Mills Road across from the existing residential neighborhood, and along the Hudson border, remains as Office/Professional zoning for the time being.

Boston Heights Village Council had already approved a development agreement (see below) offered by Boston Crossings Ltd. and the long-time owner of the land, "Boston Heights Development Co.". This is intended to define the development that would occur on the site, if and when rezoning was approved. The agreement is also intended to provide some guarantees of relief for the residents across the street from this development.

The rezoning and development agreement had already been recommended by the Planning Commission, and the rezoning was the subject of a brief Public Hearing on 8 June 2005.

Through "Omni Turnpike LLC", the company owns the site of the now-demolished derelict hotel at Hines Hill Road and Route 8; it is also a partner in adjacent land that includes Liberty Harley-Davidson. The company expects to develop these sites, along with additional acreage to the east, with commercial and retail uses as well.

The company's official zoning requests were presented and approved at the April 2005 PC/BZA meeting. Omni's previous attempt to have this same land rezoned, for a shopping center and cluster homes, was rejected in 2004.

Detail and Resources
Boston Heights Zoning Code, specifically: GB General Business zoning (new) and OP Office/Professional zoning (current).
Development area and rezoning request
Click on map for a larger version
Proposed development scheme (generic overview)
Click on map for a larger version
Note: GB zoning does not permit the hotel shown at the west end; however, that part of that area is currently planned to be used for the Route 8 northbound ramp to Boston Mills Road.

Boston Crossings / Boston Heights Development Agreement PDF (This is an unofficial transcript)
Boston Heights Village Council approved the Boston Crossings / Boston Heights Development agreement at the May 2005 Council meeting. Approval was conditioned on the company substituting a corrected legal description of the area to be rezoned, which is supposed to be confirmed by the Village Engineer.
Companies involved:
Omni Realty (charter #496868) - acting as the parent company behind this development;
Boston Heights Development Company (charter #249446); - the actual legal owner of the property on both sides of the Turnpike, east of Route 8;
Boston Crossings, Ltd. (charter #1515465); - an Omni-related company that is the legal party to the development agreement;
Responsible Development Company LLC (charter #1346138); - an Omni-related company that held the contract option on this property;
Omni Turnpike LLC (charter #1333582) - an Omni-related company that owns the old Hudson Inn site at Hines Hill and Route 8;


New! News: At its 13 July 2005 meeting, the Boston Heights Village Council voted to approve the rezoning of about 45 acres north of Boston Mills Road from Office/Professional to General Business. Omni Realty intends to build a 400,000 square foot shopping center there, with a small adjacent office area bordering the roadway and the Hudson border.

News: The Village of Boston Heights held a Public Hearing for the General Business Rezoning Request on Wednesday, 8 June 2005 at the Village Hall. The rezoning request was for about 45 acres north of Boston Mills Road, east of Route 8 and just west of Hudson. Omni Realty intends to build a 400,000 square foot shopping center there.

News: At its 11 May 2005 meeting, the Village Council voted to approve the Boston Crossings development agreement, subject to the Village Engineer's confirmation of a corrected legal description.

News: At its April 2005 meeting, the Village Planning Commission voted to "Recommend" the development agreement and the GB rezoning request to Council.


Previously: Omni's bid for retail and cluster homes on this site was rejected by Village Council in 2004.

Background:See the Crain's Cleveland article: "Omni eyes $50M project for Boston Hts. site";

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