April 14, 2008
Mayor Reports on Lawsuit Settlement

Boston Heights May Bill Goncy issued the following news release:

On Friday, April 11, 2008, The Village of Boston Heights Council unanimously passed (5-0) a Resolution authorizing execution of an Agreed Judgment Entry to settle the litigation between Boston Hills Property Investment, LLC and the Village of Boston Heights. The Agreed Judgment Entry settles the litigation without payment by Boston Heights of any damages and provides for development of the parcel while creating a 60 acre green space buffer on the north and west sides, that will be deed restricted and titled to the Village upon request. The Agreed Judgment Entry creates an opportunity for Boston Heights to become home to a major hospital. The Agreed Judgment Entry provides for both retail (no more than 65 acres) and office/professional uses (35 acres).

Numerous compromises were made by both parties in negotiating uses; locating buildings and boundaries to protect residentsí interests and still meeting the developerís business needs.

There will be a Village meeting to explain the settlement agreement and answer questions at 7 PM Friday evening, April 18, 2008 at the Village Fire Department.

Bill Goncy, Mayor
Village of Boston Heights, OH