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Boston Heights Overlook

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Hudson City
Mulls Comprehensive Plan Goal
to Align City, School District Borders

Updated: 8 November 2004

Read our 30 April 2004 report on the Hudson Schools border politics and finances:
A Boston Heights Perspective. PDF

Hudson Booting Boston Heights from Schools

New! Hudson City officials meet with Boston Heights officials on School Growth
News: Hudson City Manager Douglas Elliot met with Mayor Ray McFall and Councilors Bill Goncy and Janet Miller, among others, on 27 October 2004 at Hudson Town Hall.
Read: "City meets with neighbors to discuss potential student growth" - Hudson Hub-Times article, 7 November 2004.

New! Hudson School Board complains about district borders
Read: "Additional 200 students loom on district's horizon" - Hudson Hub-Times article, 24 October 2004.

Resolved! Hudson City Retracts Proposal to Align City & School District Borders
News: At their 4 August 2004 meeting, Hudson City Council approved the city's newly-revised comprehensive plan, including a revision that removes the language calling for unified Hudson school and Hudson city borders. Instead, the provision calls for cooperation between Hudson City & Schools and other communities (such as Boston Heights) on growth management issues. VBH Councilor Janet Miller, who attended this meeting, reports that Hudson officials are interested in discussing growth management with the Village.

Read: "City has a plan" - Hudson Hub-Times article, 11 August 2004.

Schools The draft 2004 revision to Hudson's Comprehensive Plan, including the semi-final 3/26/04 version, included the goal of making the "city and school district borders contiguous". Hudson City Schools includes most (not all) of Hudson City, and parts of Boston Heights, Boston Township, and Cuyahoga Falls (née Northampton Township).
Click here for the current (2004) Hudson City School District map.

Read: "Committee suggests unifying boundaries": Hudson Hub-Times article of 25 Feb 2004.

Boston Heights Responds
Much of Boston Heights is within the Hudson Schools, and has been for 80 years. Hudson fears unrestrained residential growth in the school district, outside that city's growth management controls. However, Boston Heights is paying more property taxes per student than Hudson!

Look! Read our 30 April 2004 report on the Hudson Schools border politics and finances: A Boston Heights Perspective. PDF

Boston Heights Village Council objects to schools border change proposal; see Resolution 13-2004.
Read: "Boston Heights residents question goal for borders": Hudson Hub-Times article of 12 May 2004.
Read: "Comprehensive Plan headed to Council": Hudson Hub-Times article of 26 May 2004.

Hudson Reconsiders
A number of village citizens, including Councilors Janet Miller and Mike Cheung, attended the Hudson Planning Commission meeting on 10 May 2004. The PC heard a number of protests, including a lengthy speech by Dr. Cheung. They agreed to strike the draft provision that would have tried to close the Hudson school district to Boston Heights students; this was finalized at the Hudson Planning Commission meeting on 24 May 2004. Hudson City Council was to vote to accept their new plan on 21 July 2004.

At their 21 July 2004 meeting, Hudson City Council decided to defer acceptance of the new Comprehensive Plan in order to discuss their Planning Commission's recommendations. One of those recommendations was to remove the language calling for unified Hudson school and Hudson city borders. A Hudson citizen made an extensive presentation in favor of aligning those borders, excluding Boston Heights et al. from the Hudson School District. A Boston Heights citizen made a brief rebuttal. Hudson Council was expected to adopt their Plan, without the school border language, on 4 August 2004.

Read: "Comprehensive plan still on Council's table" - Hudson Hub-Times article, 25 July 2004.

Final Resolution: Proposal Retracted in Hudson Comprehensive Plan of 4 August 2004.

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