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Nov 2007 Ballot Results, General Election Information, Nov 2007
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  $ Village Income Tax!
Village Income Tax returns due by 15 April. Boston Heights has a 2.0% income tax with 100% reciprocity.
Click here for Village Income Tax Code and forms PDF and here for general tax information from RITA.

  Village Pool Info Village Pool Open Memorial Day Weekend thru Labor Day: 12Noon-8PM
Click here to get the 2007 Village Pool information: fees & application.
PDF [requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]
  Budget Crunch 2004: Village in Mid-Year Budget Shortfall, Makes Cuts
At a suddenly-called Special Council Meeting on 28 July 2004, Council moved to use "Bed Tax" receipts for the rest of the year as general funds, eliminating the earmarked Park funding. Council also authorized a $100K general obligation note.
At a special meeting of the Village Council's Finance Committee on 20 July 2004, Clerk-Treasurer Carol Zeman reviewed the shortfall in revenue being faced by the Village at mid-year. Council (and vocal citizens) explored alternatives to a looming cut in police staffing. In additional to numerous cuts itemized by Mrs. Zeman, some road service funds and Council members' donated salary promised to prop up the police budget and maintain two officers on the road at most hours.
Read: "Boston Heights police department feels budget crunch" - Hudson Hub-Times article, 25 July 2004.
Now with revenue comparisons! (22 July) - Read the figures, and our notes from the Special Finance Meeting of 20 July 2004.
News: "Boston Heights will keep patrol" - Beacon Journal article, 21 July 2004.
News: "Spending cuts send chief of village police on patrol" - Plain Dealer article, 20 July 2004.

  Odds and Ends Olds News: Odds and Ends
Boston Heights homes highlighted (24 June 2004)
Boston Heights... population update (24 June 2004)

  Zoning Alert! Village Rejects Proposed Cluster Home & Retail Rezoning
In 2004, the Village considered and rejected proposals by Omni Realty for zoning changes to allow more retail & hotel development adjacent to existing homes, and for high-density housing in the Village.
Click here for more information.
  Attack Suspect Task Force on Local Attacks
The FBI and local police have formed a task force to hunt the man suspected of the 2002 attacks on teens in Boston Heights and Hudson, among others.
Click here for description & info.

  BH FD News Boston Heights Fire Department to Receive Federal Grant
Boston Heights Fire Department receives park grant;
ABJ: "Park grants to aid fire departments" (26 Jul'05)

Fire Chief Robinson receives lifesaving award
News: For saving a golfer's life last summer, Chief Jim Robinson has been selected for a 2005 EMS Star of Life You Gotta Have Heart Award. (13 Apr '05)
Village Fire Department to receive grant
News: U.S. Rep. Steven C. LaTourette announced that the Boston Heights Fire Department will receive $33,858 in federal funding through the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, for "Operations and Firefighter Safety". Click here for details.
Specifically: Equipment ($14,805), Personal Protective Equipment ($22,815), of which 10% is from local matching funds. (17 Dec '04)

Boston Heights Fire Department to Receive Federal Grant
According to Congressman Steven LaTourette, the Village Fire Department will receive a $44K grant to replace 10 SCBAs (self contained breathing apparatus) and establish a fitness program. Click here for details. (14 August '03)

  no more sheep Papes "Sheep Farm" Sold
The landmark Papes Farm, aka the "Sheep Farm", at Hines Hill & Walters Rd., finally sold on 1 May 2003.
The 19+ acre property was recently rezoned to Office/Professional; click for the new owner's preliminary plans.

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