Village of Boston Heights OH, Planning and Zoning Code


Residential District (RES)


1153.01 Purpose.

1153.05 Height regulations.

1153.02 Permitted uses.

1153.06 Yard Requirements.

1153.03 Conditional Uses.

1153.07 Intensity of use.

1153.04 Prohibited Uses.



General Provisions - see P. & Z. 1151.04

Bond Requirements - see P. & Z. 1151.06(d)

Design and fireproofing of buildings - see P. & Z. 1151.04(c)(3)

Height extensions - see P. & Z. 1171.02

Basement houses time limit - see P. & Z. 1171.06

Fences; porches - see P. & Z. 1171.07

Mobile homes - see P. & Z. 1171.08

Signs - see P. & Z. 1179



Ordinance 5-2003 replaced former R-1 and RR districts (1153,1157) with RES district.


1153.01 PURPOSE.

This district is established to provide for the regulation of residential development within the village and conditional uses that may also coexist in a residential district.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


A building or premises within the Residential District shall be used only for the following purposes:

(a) Agriculture, including greenhouses and the usual agricultural buildings and structures.

(b) Single-family dwelling; home occupation.

(c) Governmental or quasi-governmental use.

(d) Accessory buildings and uses customarily incidental to any of the above uses and not involving the conduct of business including:

(1) Quarters for hired help employed on the premises. Such quarters must be located within the primary structure residence on the premises.

(2) Private garage, home occupation and private stable as regulated as to the number of animals that may be kept as provided in Section 1141.36.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


The Board of Zoning Appeals may issue conditional zoning certificates for uses listed herein and subject to the general requirements of Section 1145.04 and Chapter 1151:

(a) Churches and other places of worship, Sunday school buildings and parish houses, parochial schools and necessary accessory buildings subject to the approval of a site plan as follows:

(1) Structures and activity area including roading and facilities (other than off-street parking) shall be located at least seventy-five from the street right of way.

(2) All points of ingress and egress shall be located at least 200 feet from all major road intersections and at least 100 feet from all local or minor street intersections. All State and County highways shall be considered major streets.

(3) All structures shall be located so as to have access to a dedicated street.

(4) Locations should be adjacent to parks or other commercial uses such as schools or shopping centers where use can be made of joint parking facilities.

(b) Public elementary, middle and high schools.

(c) Buildings or properties owned and/or operated by a political subdivision of the government including Village Hall, community center building, fire engine house, parks, playgrounds and conservation areas subject to the regulations of Section 1151.07 and 1151.08.

(d) Cemeteries including mausoleums, providing that any new cemetery shall contain at least twenty acres of land and the location has been approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

(e) Golf courses, including such buildings and uses as are necessary for their operation, providing that any golf course shall contain at least one hundred acres of land and the location has been approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals.

(Ord. 12-2005. Passed 3-9-05.)


Adult Entertainment Establishments as defined in Chapter 1162.02.

(Ord. 5-2003. Passed 3-12-03.)



In the Residential District no building shall exceed two and one-half stories or thirty-five feet in height, except as provided in Chapter 1171.
(Ord. 87-1951. Passed 7-10-51.)



(a) Front Yards. In the Residential District there shall be a front yard having a depth of not less than fifty feet, providing however, no alignment setback or front yard depth shall be required to exceed the average of the depth of the existing front yards on the lots adjacent on each side, if each of such lots are within the same block and within 300 feet. The rear line of the front yards within the block shall be considered the building line.

(b) Side Yards. Except as provided in Chapter 1171, there shall be provided a side yard on each side of a building having a width of not less than fifteen feet. The side yard nearest the street on a corner lot shall have a width of at least twenty percent (20%) of the minimum requirement as to width of lot.

(c) Rear Yards. Except as provided in Chapter 1171, there shall be provided a rear yard having a depth of not less than fifty feet.

(Ord. 87-1951. Passed 7-10-51.)



In the Residential District every lot or tract of land shall have an area of not less than one and one-half acre, a width of not less than 125 feet at the building line, and not less than 125 feet of frontage along a dedicated street or road. Cul de sac lots shall have a minimum of 60 feet of frontage along the right-of-way per lot and shall have a minimum of 125 feet of frontage at the building line. No residence shall be constructed to provide less than 1,500 square feet of living area.
(Ord. 5-2003. Passed 3-12-03.)



Former Chapter 1155 "R-2 Residence District" was repealed by Ordinance 12-1995, passed March 8, 1995.


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