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Camp Ledgewood GSA Camp Ledgewood GSA 6381 Chittenden Road 6381 Chittenden Road Meghans Lane Meghans Lane Liberty Harley-Davidson Liberty Harley-Davidson Zoning Code Corrections

On the agenda of the 03 November 2004 7PM meeting of the Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals for the Village of Boston Heights, Ohio

  1. Camp Ledgewood, Western Reserve Girl Scout Council
    Replacement pool house for the Girl Scout Camp on Akron-Peninsula Road.
    Approved by Planning Commission; see below.
  2. Family First Moving
    Review of site plan and sign application for 6381 Chittenden Road.
    Use and sign approved by Planning Commission; see below.
  3. Carse Investments LLC
    Review of a sign application for Meghan's Lane subdivision.
    Signs & gatehouse approved by Planning Commission; see below.
  4. Liberty Harley-Davidson
    Review of a sign application for 334 Hines Hill Road.
    Deferred by Board of Zoning Appeals; see below.
  5. Consideration of Zoning Code Changes
    Review of language changes and reorganization of zoning code.
    Deferred by Planning Commission; see below.
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General Notes
Deputy Solicitor Ed Muse acted as legal counsel for the Planning Commission and BZA. Zoning Inspector David Himes was also in attendance, as was Engineer Steve Schreiber.

Planning Commission (PC): present were Mayor Ray McFall, Council Rep. Mike Cheung, John Codrea, Bob Campbell, and newly-appointed member Mike Bush. The PC elected John Codrea as its new Chairman. The PC approved the minutes of its previous meeting and disposed of its agenda: items 1, 2, 3, and 5 (see below).

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA): present were Chairman Bill Hinkle, Ed Fetko, Kevin Lightner, Council Rep. Mike Cheung. (Absent: Ken Metz.) The BZA approved the minutes of its previous meeting and disposed of its agenda: item 4 (see below).

Camp Ledgewood - Western Reserve Girl Scout Council

Camp Ledgewood Girl Scout Camp, at 7047 Akron-Peninsula Road, is located in the Villages of Peninsula and Boston Heights; the Boston Heights portion is a tax-exempt 240 acre parcel, #1200201. Though within the boundaries of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the camp is owned by the Western Reserve Girl Scout Council (charter #313303).

At the PC meeting of 2 October 2002, Architect Brian Feeley presented a building design and site plan for a new pool house, replacing an existing structure built in 1970. As this project had not moved forward with a year, the camp is obliged to resubmit its plans for review.

This Month
After ascertaining that the camp's plans were unchanged -- merely delayed -- the Planning Commission re-approved the plan for the camp's new pool house.

Approved by the Planning Commission.
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Family First Moving

Review of site plan and sign application for 6381/6395 Chittenden Road.
Family First Moving, Inc. (charter #1249367) recently moved from the corner of Boston Mills Road & Route 8 to the DunRite complex at 6381-6395 Chittenden Road. This company last appeared before the PC at the September 2003 PC meeting, when moving to their previous location. However, the company still appears to be headquartered in Stow, Ohio.

Last month, the company applied for approval of a 20x2 foot banner sign that it had already erected at its new location. The Planning Commission deferred the sign application until this month, instructing the company's representative to return with a combined presentation on the sign application and its current site plan as required by Zoning Code 1157.05.

This Month
After ascertaining that the company's business use was the same as that at its previous location, the PC approved its site plan and business use at the new address. In a separate motion, the PC also approved the sign presented last month (as above).

Site plan and sign approved by the Planning Commission.
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Carse Investments LLC

Requesting for review of a sign application to advertise the Meghan's Lane subdivision, on the former Donley Farm at 7657 Olde Eight Road, parcel #1400026.

Mr. John Carse, of Carse Investments LLC (charter #1394246), had earlier received preliminary/conditional approval of the "Preliminary Street Plan", and frontage variances on three lots.

At the August 2004 and June 2004 meetings, Mr. Tony Crasi had informally discussed a proposal for a sign that would resemble a planned gatehouse for the entrance to the subdivision. Most recently, the Planning Commission determined that the Temporary Sign Ordinance (Chapter 715) would govern the temporary advertising. Solicitor Russ Pry recommended that the Planning Commission make no formal review of the proposed permanent gatehouse until a Homeowners' Association agreement was submitted that would spell out who would own and maintain this structure.

Last month this matter was deferred to obtain more information on certain landscaping and paving features. At the Council Finance Committee meeting of 26 October 2004, Mr. Carse declared that his company would have the development's new roadway and improvements ready for review by Engineer Schreiber and the Planning Commission at this meeting. However, this issue did not come up at the Planning Commission meeting.

This Month
After some further discussion on the merits and perils of stamped concrete in the entryway to the development, the Planning Commission approved only the three requested signs, one of which is incorporated into a gatehouse structure in the median of the entryway. That gatehouse was also approved as part of the signage, although there was some concern for responsibility for that structure if the promised homeowners' association failed to maintain it. One of the signs, essentially a "lots for sale" sign, was approved for only 36 months or when all the development lots are sold, whichever comes first.

Signs & gatehouse approved by the Planning Commission.
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Liberty Harley-Davidson
Another signage request for Liberty Harley-Davidson at 334 E. Hines Hill Road (charter #1349013 & RN98120). The company had previously received approval for elevated signage, at the 3 Dec 2003 BZA meeting, and for building signage, at the 5 Nov 2003 Planning Commission meeting. Mr. Ernie Passeos (owner) had also appealed, at the PC/BZA meeting of 4 Feb 2004, for larger elevated signage, but withdrew that request when the Solicitor pointed out that current Zoning Code did not permit it.

This Month
Mr. Ernie Passeos resubmitted his earlier application for a large elevated Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyHarley-Davidson logo sign, about 165 sq.ft. on each of two sides, to a height of 40 feet. He wanted to put this along the Ohio Turnpike. This application was channeled to the BZA instead of the PC, since it was an elevated sign governed by Zoning Code 1171.13. BZA Chairman Bill Hinkle reminded Mr. Passeos of Village Solicitor Russ Pry's earlier legal guidance, whereby the BZA was prohibited from approving an elevated sign larger than 100 sq.ft. counting both sides of that sign. Solicitor Ed Muse concurred. Mr. Passeos thought that the Village was going to find a way to get around this restriction for him, and objected to the delay in allowing him this larger sign. Dr. Cheung pointed out that the Planning Commission was in fact working on a revised Sign Code that might allow for larger signs, but that nothing had yet changed in the Village Code. Other members of the BZA pointed out that size limits had not been finalized for any future Sign Code, and nothing was guaranteed as to what would be permitted, or allowed with a variance. On a motion by Dr. Cheung, the BZA voted to defer Mr. Passeos' sign application until next month (and possibly beyond, depending on when a new Sign Code was enacted).

Deferred by the Board of Zoning Appeals.
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Consideration of changes to Zoning Code

Solicitor Russ Pry has prepared a technical update of the current Zoning Code, passed as Ordinance 5-2003; this is intended to correct some codification problems, but not to enact any new zoning requirements.

As some members of the Planning Commission had not had a chance to review this document, the matter was deferred until next month.

Deferred by the Planning Commission.
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