Village of Boston Heights
Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
Agenda for Wednesday, August 3, 2016 7:00PM

Board of Zoning Appeals

  1. Sagamore Soils / (property owner: 8 & 80 Holding for Boston Hills Property Investment LLC)
    Parcel # 1300723 (southeast corner of Olde Eight Rd and E. Hines Hill Rd)
    Request for review and re-issue of Aug’14 variance and CO 720 Permit to allow temporary use of parcel for soil storage, processing, and distribution facility in OP District.

Planning Commission

  1. Camco Enterprise LLC (applicant / owner)
    6855 Industrial Parkway (American Ultra Specialties) parcel 1310630
    Request for final site plan approval for truck wash station facility in in RB district.
    Note: per Conditional Use Certificate and preliminary site plan approval April 2016
  2. Brimfield Aggregate Inc. (Ohio # 3884299) dba Olde 8 Mulch (applicant) resubmitted
    Robert W. Robinson - Brandywine Development (owner)
    7600 Olde Eight Road
    Request for review and approval in GB district for:
    • Conditional Use Certificate: mulch storage and sales use per CO 1159.03(m).
    • Site plan for storage and sales facility for said conditional use.
  3. Planning Commission
    Review of Planning and Zoning Code revision proposals (phase 1). CO 1151 et al.
  4. Planning Commission
    Consideration of Hines Hill Corridor Overlay rezoning proposal.

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